Terms and Conditions when booking a hotel room


These Terms and Conditions are valid from November 1, 2021


1. In general

When you as a hotel guest (the Guest) book a room in one of A Place To Hotels A/S ‘, CVR: 34704627 hotels (the Hotel), the Guest accepts these general Terms of Service, which determine the agreement when renting rooms in the Hotel.

The booking confirmation states which legal party the Guest has agreed with, what type of agreement the Guest has entered, and where the Guest can read the Hotel’s Privacy Policy.

These Terms and Conditions do not apply to business agreements, for special agreements on conferences, packages and group bookings.


2. Booking and confirmation

A booking binds the Guest once the Hotel has confirmed it. The Hotel will inform or forward the Guest the booking confirmation with a unique reference number. Confirmation can be given orally, in writing or via the booking system.

When the Guest makes a booking, the date of arrival and departure, number of guests, number of rooms, type of room and the Guest’s full name, address, email, and telephone number are determined. The detailed price information appears on the booking and on the booking confirmation the Hotel emails the Guest.

Online bookings of hotel rooms are made without prepayment and are consequently not a guarantee of reservation. When a booking is made on the Hotel’s website aplacetohotels.com or the Hotel’s direct booking link directly-book.com/properties/aplacetohotelsasdirect, the Guest is required to enter credit card information to guarantee payment.

The amount of the stay will be charged when the Guest checks in and a key card to the room is handed out.

Only adults over 18 years of age can book rooms in the Hotel.


3. Arrival and departure

The date of arrival is stated on the booking confirmation.

The room can be taken over (check-in) from 15:00 (local time) on the day of arrival. In exceptional cases, the Guest can make an appointment with the Hotel for early access to the room. However, this option depends on the current availability. Therefore, the Guest is kindly requested to inform the arrival time when booking the room.

The date of departure is stated on the booking confirmation. The check-out time is no later than noon (12:00 local time) on the day of departure. The Guest may arrange with the Hotel to store luggage after check-out until departure. See also section 9.


4. Modifications, cancellation, and absence

The cancellation policy depends on the price agreed in connection with booking the room. Unless otherwise agreed when booking or other conditions have been approved for the chosen price rate, cancellations can be made until 18:00 (local time) on the day of arrival. If the Guest does not show up without prior cancellation, or if the Guest cancels after 18:00 (local time), the Guest is charged for one night stay. If the Hotel has incurred expenses specifically in connection with a reservation, the Guest is obliged to cover such costs.

Bookings made directly on the Hotel’s website can be modified or cancelled by contacting the Hotel on the phone +45 86 86 86 00 or email esbjerg@aplacetohotels.com.

In the event of a change of the reservations price increase may incur. Please note that some offers cannot be cancelled, refunded or modified.

Bookings through 3rd party agents such as booking.com, expedia.com, hotes.com and the like must be changed by/via the 3rd party agent who made the booking.


5. Early departure and stay indefinitely

If the Guest reserves a room for a certain length and chooses to leave the Hotel earlier, this may affect the price adjustment. The Guest can inform the Hotel about changing departure schedules. For example, if the Guest stays at the Hotel for an indefinite period and extends the stay by one night, the Guest must inform the Hotel of departure the day before departure day no later than 18:00. Otherwise, the Guest will be charged for one extra night. If the Hotel does not have available rooms, the Hotel must inform the Guest no later than 18:00 the day before the Guest has to leave the Hotel.


6. Other terms

All hotel rooms are non-smoking. If the Guest violates the smoking ban, the Hotel is entitled to charge the Guest for payment of the resulting costs.

If the Guest wishes to bring a pet, this must be stated when booking the room. Please note that the Hotel charges an additional fee per stay with pets.

For security reasons, only Hotel employees and registered Guests have access to the Hotel’s rooms and the Hotel’s other reserved areas.


7. Parking

The Hotel offers a limited number of parking spaces. The Guest has an option to park in the Hotel’s car park for a fee.

The Guest also has an option to charge an electric car in selected spaces in the Hotel’s car park. Prices and information regarding power-charging facilities are by agreement with the Hotel.

The Guest is responsible for parking following current parking rules, which appear from signs on the site. Parking is at the Guest’s own risk in all respects, and the Hotel assumes no responsibility in the event of an accident, theft or damage to person, car, equipment, and effects in the vehicle.


8. Payment

Payment of the room takes place on the Guest’s arrival at the Hotel (check-in). In connection with handing over the room key, the Guest’s payment card is usually debited in local currency (DKK). However, the Hotel can accept cash in DKK or EURO.

The Hotel accepts the most commonly accepted credit and debit cards.

The Hotel is not obliged to accept credit and debit cards, bank checks, vouchers, crypto or foreign cash currency.


9. Gift certificates

The Guest can pay for a stay, or other items in the Hotel’s shop, in whole or in part, with a cash Gift Certificate paid for or issued on the Hotel’s website aplacetohotels.com. Cash Gift Certificates are valid for three years from the date of issue and cannot be exchanged for cash. The cash Gift Certificate cannot be used for prepaid stays.


10. Storage of valuables and luggage

For security reasons, the Hotel is not obliged to store valuables or items that could endanger the safety of Hotel staff or Guests.


The Hotel has no full responsibility for the belongings that the Guest keeps in the hotel room, safe, and trunk. The Hotel can offer the Guest to store valuables, e.g., passports, cash, and jewellery, in the Hotel’s safe and luggage in a locked luggage compartment.


The Guest must not leave valuables or luggage unattended in the lobby, at check-in or check-out, at breakfast, or when waiting for a taxi.


11. Guest safety

The Guest must always locate emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers. In the hotel room, The Guest will find directions on escape routes in case of fire and practical information about the stay in the booklet “Welcome to A Place To Hotels”.


12. Processing of personal data (Privacy Policy)

The Hotel processes personal information provided by persons (Guests) who use the Hotel’s services and products. In addition, the Hotel is the data controller for personal information relating to the Guest’s reservation. Such processing of personal data will take place per the Hotel’s Privacy Policy.

The Guest may read the Hotel’s Privacy Policy on how the Hotel processes and stores the Guest’s personal information for the legitimate purpose of managing the Guest’s reservation and the Guest’s rights associated with such processing.